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All-New LEGO Batmobile from Chevy

Totally awesome looking? Yep. Insane crime-fighting arsenal? You know it.

Geek Stuff

How to turn a $10 Kmart lamp into a Batsignal!

See how to turn a simple $10 lamp from K-Mart


Powerless Season 1 “Batman’s Cousin” Promo

A brand new promo for DC’s Powerless teases the show’s


Legacy of the Darksaber | Star Wars Rebels

Recount the origins of the Darksaber. Disney XD

Geek Stuff

Adam Savage’s Apollo A7L Spacesuit Replica!

Adam gives a tour of his Apollo A7L spacesuit replica,

Movie Stuff

Everything Wrong With Alice Through The Looking Glass

Well, here’s a movie that royally pissed me off. Alice

Geek Stuff

Stan Lee Commemorates 75 Years at Marvel

Stan Lee remembers the early days of Marvel and his

Geek Stuff

Marceline’s Axe – DIY PROP SHOP

We build so many amazing weapons and props, we wanted

Geek Stuff

Magneto’s 7 Secret Powers! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Magneto is the master of magnetism, but that only scratches


Better Call Saul Season 3 “Los Pollos Hermanos” Promo

AMC has released a brand new promo for the third

Trailers n' stuff

CHIPs Trailer #1

The adventures of two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers as


Star Wars: The Force Skill List [infographic]

With the release of The Force Awakens the 7th release

Geek Stuff

Big Bird Nest Bed! – Super-Fan Builds

Come along with Big Bird and Elmo to watch one

Video Games

The Evolution of FINAL FANTASY

Final Fantasy is a massive game series spanning generations of

Geek Stuff

Adam Savage Fights Fire with Fire – Unimpossible Missions

Adam Savage meets with combustion engineers at GE to find


Ronja, The Robber’s Daughter “Official Trailer”

Presented by Studio Ghibli. The daughter of a professional robber,


Marvel Heroes That Are Bad At The Sex [humor]

Superheroes are, for the vast majority, and by design, perfect