Civil War Collected Editionmarvel-civil-war1

By Mark Millar (author) Steve McNiven (illustrator)

Ok so the Civil War for fans of Marvel may not be new but it happens to be one of the best in recent history.  Why you may ask?  Well what is so important to a superhero anyway? Skintight underroos?  Copyrighting the logo? Maybe remembering to fill the tank in the bat-mobile.  No!  Secret Identities and that is what is at stake.  After an altercation in Stamford Ct, people everywhere are up in arms with superheroes and villians and have had enough and want a superhero registration act.  This act would force heroes to remove their masks, get formal training and be held personally responsible for their actions and the way they get results.

This does not sit well with most especially Captain America who heads up the opposition against this act which gets approved by congress.  Now he is underground with a band of rag-tag heroes and hot on his tail are Iron Man backed by S.H.I.E.L.D. and the rest of the United States government.  Tempers flare, lines are drawn on both sides, heroes and villians alike die, and the line between them is forever blurred and marred due to this registration act.

Not to give away the plot but masks are lifted and worlds and lives are changed.  All the events in this book are the preceding to the Secret Invasion that is about to take place in the Marvel Universe.