Are you an out-of-shape guy or gal looking to get into-shape? If you really want to get into-shape really bad then try P90X!

But what kind of shape are you after?  The humiliated kind? The hurting kind?

I’ll tell you a little about me.  I’m 5′ 7″,  I was 225 pounds, just a little over weight.  >:/  I had went to the Midtown office of my job (a location which I rarely frequent) where my co-workers had not seen me for about 3 years.  (Three years in which I was medicating, eating and sleeping mostly). Where three years prior, I was along the lines of about 180 pounds.

Any way, I got the old, “Hey, long time no see!”, “How Ya been?”, “What you up to these days?”, and the “Damn, nigga you got FAT!“.

One of my co-workers, Who had miraculously slimmed down, had suggested using something that he had been using called P90X,  a series of work out videos with a militaristic style geared to get you into tip top shape in 90 days!

Well I decided to give it a whack, especially after my Father-in-law called me a pig behind my back, this coming from a guy who can barely walk a block without getting out of breath.

I acquired the P90X system and was greeted by an overly energetic 30 something year old who looks like he just stepped out of a crack house, wild eyed, veins popping between his sinew and skin, hopping around like some rabid squirrel.  He and his band of equally obnoxious cohorts itching to run them selves beyond the natural constraints of their mortal shells.

They engaged in all sorts of variations on calisthenic exercises, while the ringleader shouts at you to keep your motivation up.  So it was 10 variations of pushups, 10 variations of pullups, followed by the pushups again, back to the pullups, then the AbRipper, a nasty series of gut crunching situps, and insane abdominal maneuvers that leave you in severe cramps and probably what I thought were the bends.

(They also have a Yoga sequence in you meditate to the sound of Mr. Rippedabs screaming in your ear, demanding that you downward dog yourself).

The next day was the same only with the lower half of the body.

Any how, for the next two weeks, I was unable to do one of the most basic of human tasks without excruciating pain.  Walking down a flight of steps.

Fast forward a bout a year later.  I am 25 pounds lighter and quicker on my feet.

But not because of P90X.  Do you want to hear my secret?

Here it comes…are you ready?

Eating less, and keeping busy.

It turns out that P90X is fantastic.  But if you are an out-of-shape-guy, P90X is not for you.  P90X is for the in-shape guy, who wants to become even-more-in-shape-than-he-already-is.

Eat balanced, exercise in moderation, and keep positive, and you will do fine.