Supposedly tonight at 11pm, via Kies Air (a wifi program for Samsung phones) T-Mobile is giving Galaxy S2 users an Android update of Ice Cream Sandwich!  This update is a more stable OS for the phone (which in my opinion is better than the Iphone)  and more features such as Face Recognition.  See all the features here

I’ll let you know by tomorrow how it goes!gs2update

  11:44pm: Gotta recharge the phone a bit first….dammit this sucks I’m tired but I want ICS.  Had     to download Kies program to my computer….stupid T-Mobile didn’t bother to put that on the  instructions…more to come!

12:59am: Its in…its 1am….bedtime!

UPDATE: Ok so the upgrade took a bit of time (I forgot to charge the phone completely) and it runs better than before, very smooth updated O/S and intuitive settings and security such as Face Recognition, enhanced sharing abilities and even a data usage monitor adding to the customization of Android