There are so many….so so soooo many geeky websites out there….this being one of them.

The internet… a vast wasteland, a virtual endless array of geek websites, most of which copy and paste from other sources.  Not much originality, but there are some that are pretty awsome.

They tell a story, they give info, they show hot chicks dressed as Princess Leia in her slave girl bikini (who could ask for more?)

Here are some of the better ones:

  • Comics Alliance  This site is actually run by AOL but is one of the good ones… updated every day with stories of comics, cartoons and video games
  • Topless Robot Even though it sounds vaguely unwholesome it isn’t.  Another site that gives daily doses of comic book goodness and video game variety
  • Ain’t It Cool News One of the original comic/movie websites, around long before the superhero movie / comiccon craze came about.  Good links, great writing and on point opinions
  • Geeks are Sexy Kind of self explanitory, alot of cosplay and inside tech knowledge.
  • IGN The best video game website around, also covers computer games and some comic stuff
  • GameInformer If you go to Gamestop you’ve no doubt been bombarded by employees to subscribe to GameInformer magazine (also owned by Gamestop) Non-Biased video game reviews and also a good website
  • Panels On Pages A real in-depth site featuring comic news, movie reviews, and video game news
  • Geek Tyrant Mostly featured geek movie reviews, upcoming movies and cartoons
  • Comic Book Resources Where would we be without CBR? With up to the minute info on upcoming comics, dvds and movies (all comic related by the way) this site can give you all you need to know about comics.  Plus its been around since 1995!
  • Marvel Comics if you are a Marvel fan (all things Marvel)
  • DC Comics if you are a DC fan (all things DC)

I could go on forever with these sites… but these are my picks for the best of the best.  Oh by the way, where would you be without the one, the only, New York ComicCon

How about you?  What are some of your favorite Comic/Movie/Nerd sites?