demonoidI don’t plan on shutting down, but if Im going to fix it I have to do it properly,” the administrator told TorrentFreak. “That means upgrading a lot of our 7 year old hardware and maybe bringing up the beta only. You know how it goes with demonoid. It might take a while but it will come back. -Demonoid Admin via  WWW.

Ok alot of you may not know what Demonoid is but I’ll lay it down for you. Demonoid is a Bit Torrent based web site.  For those of you who don’t know what a bit torrent site is: BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used for distributing large amounts of data… thanks wikipedia! Another words these types of sites are used to download anything from computer programs (apps), books, comics, music, movies and videos etc.

Now alot of you may be asking…but how is this legal? Simple answer… its not.

Well not in the good ol’ U.S. of A.  and also in alot of other countries.  That is why Demonoid was one of the more popular.  The only way you could get on the site in the first place was by knowing someone who belonged and they had to send you an invite via the website.  Kinda like fight club but without the beatings.

Anyhow with the help of a bit torrent download program such as Utorrent and a broadband connection you can download the latest pirated movie or collection of you favorite bands albums.  For years they have managed to work outside the law by basing their servers in countries that had little or no following of the UN’s anti piracy acts.  That was until July 26th.

With servers based in the Ukraine and changing their .com to .me about a year ago (after the last shut down which lasted about a month) they were among the top 600 global websites and in the top 300 vistied sites in the US.

Investigators from the  country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs shut down the data center that was hosting the website’s servers.  Even though the site’s administrators did not violate any Ukranian laws it is believed that the US got involved and were forced to shut it down.

The site was taken down the day after the Ukranian trade minister arrived in the U.S. to discuss matters with United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk.  On the docket of things to be discussed was the infringment of intellectual property rights…. seems a bit too much of a coincence don’t you think that the next day someone hacked it and then the authorities raided the server site?

If they do manage to get Demonoid back online they are going to have to find another country to host it….how about Nicaragua or Bolivia…both countries hate the way the UN and America are pushing policies so why not?