Mmm…chocolate-flecked shortening.

Introducing: the Moreo. They’re the fever dream of sugar-addled redditor EternallyXIII, and they just may be the missing ingredient in failed Middle East peace talks. One bite might make Vladimir Putin more tolerant of gays. Just a glimpse of the functional design might cause the U.S. to tell Edward Snowden to come home now. Everything’s going to be okay. (They’d be lying, Edward! They’ve known about Moreos for years!)

Truly, is there anything better than two chocolate cookie logs separated by a river of vanilla stuff?

You’ll need a hardy M&M raft to ford that river.

Moreos are the French toast to Oreo’s bread.

Just think about how your tongue will feel after eating that!

You can even add peanut butter if you like ruining wonderful things.

You monster.

So what do you think? Do you work at Nabisco or know someone who does? Together, we can make this dream a costly national reality!