According to a Warner Bros. costume designer, the new caped crusader’s suit design was inspired by the graphic novel: Batman: Noel, especially the cowl which ears are much shorter than the previous ones seen in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.

With this design looking more like body armor rather than a ninja costume, maybe it will help make Ben Affleck more of a Batman rather than Bat-fool.

In this statement from Warner Bros. they explain more:

Current cowl designs resemble the Caped Crusader’s look in Batman: Noël. Which is a 2011 graphic novel written and illustrated by Lee Bermejo, based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. They also explored concepts that looked like Injustice: Gods Among Us designs, but ultimately passed on those because they were too similar to Nolan’s costume.

Honestly no matter what the new costume will be compared to the Nolan batsuits, and those were compared to the previous ones too. Not much besides the cape and cowl will be commonplace. As long as they don’t have bat-nipples, I don’t think there will be many problems.