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The other day I got some great news….TOOL, the band, is coming out with a new album (the first since 2006’s 10,000 Days) and I was overjoyed. I love TOOL. Simply put again I love them. The music, the lyrics, the energy of the songs and the band. Now I come to find out it was a joke taken out of context. Oh don’t get them wrong, they are in the process of making a new album but it isn’t going to be coming out anytime soon.

This all started when Adam Jones, guitarist for TOOL, was overheard at a Portland TOOL concert stating that not only were they coming out with a new album but it was to be released the next day. Now we all figured it wasn’t going to be released the very next day but …A NEW ALBUM? HOLY SHIT!

Now we find out it was just his way of making a off-the-cuff joke with a fan. AUUUGGGHHH! In an interview with Loudwire last year the drummer for the band Danny Carey stated that the new albums release was held up by outside forces.

”We could have the record finished by the end of the year – that’s a possibility, but the logistics of getting it manufactured and getting the record company in line and all this stuff, I doubt we’ll be able to get it out before Christmas. We’ll see how it goes. Most likely, it’ll be early 2014.”

Lead singer Maynard James Keenan spoke about this to Rolling Stone last year as well.

”I don’t write the music. They write the music,” he said of his bandmates. “I wait for them to bring music to me. They tend to go back over and over stuff. It’s a long process. For a person like me, it can be a very tedious process.”
”In some ways, they are bigger perfectionists. But you can only help support their talent so long. They don’t have to go through it 700 times. They can trust that first thought. But that’s their process, so you gotta let them do it.” And is that process happening? “I couldn’t tell you.”

For eight years TOOL fans have been waiting in anticipation for a new album but it seems we just might have to wait a little bit longer. Hang in there. TOOL is currently touring the U.S. for the first time in two years.