spiderman hardon 01

That nutty South Korea, always sticking boners on stuff, but wait..hang on why is Spider-Man so happy to see me? Wait is that a? What the hell? This sculpture in on the Lotte Shopping Center in Busan, South Korea and has had this bonerific sculpture of Spidey for over a year. The statue was erected (no laughs please) by artist Eunsuk Yoo actually resides over a children’s play area. Yep kids look up to see Spidey hanging by a hard on.

” My reason for making this piece was to apply the natural and physical phenomenon to a Superhero and depict it natural in the morning without lies and being superficial in a comical way”.

He then went on to say

” There have been some comments on various community sites and Facebook pages that this is lewd and a disgrace to the source material. Lotte Shopping Center has received many complaints this morning from a certain organization and after their meeting it was decided I have to modify the statue. Instead of modifying it I think I am going to take it down.”

What would Aunt May say?

spiderman hardon 03

spiderman hardon 02