myo arm band

Wouldn’t you love to control your electronic screens with a gesture or movement of your hand much like Tony Stark or a Jedi? Wait you mean they already have that and its called Kinect? Oh but wouldn’t you like to do it with any Bluetooth enabled device other than an Xbox? Thanks to a Canadian company called Thalmic Labs that dream is now becoming a reality.

It uses what is called EMG or Electromyography which detects and translates electric signals that are produced when there is a muscle contraction. The band measures the electric signals your muscles are about to make, understand the gesture before you even actually make a real movement of your hand and will activate the function on your device. It will know what you want to do before you actually complete the movement. Another words the Myo knows you’ll rotate your hand to turn up the volume before you actually rotate it.

myo arm band comparison

Check out this video of the MYO teamed up with the Oculus Rift:

The MYO band is set to release to developers in July and for us consumers in September. You can preorder The MYO here for $149.00