delorian iphone case

Now you can turn your iPhone 6 into Doc Brown’s 1983 DeLorean time machine complete with future upgrades complete with hover upgrade technology, Mr. Fusion reactor chamber and flux capacitor wiring light up on the outside.

Yes the case seems large and cumbersome but c’mon, its the time machine from Back to the Future. Makes me kinda wish I had a iPhone instead of a Android but what the hell. You can preorder the iPhone case from Bandai Japan for approx $50 and it is due out in June 2015.

The Delorean from the motion picture Back to the Future II is now available as an iPhone 6 case!

The Crazy Case series, which takes the playful spirit on the go, has a new addition to its lineup.
The Delorean Time Machine from the movie Back to the Future II has joined the Crazy Case series.
This is a special year, as the setting of the second installment of the Back to the Future series was this year, 2015!
For this special year, we have created a new style of a smartphone case for one of the most popular vehicles in film history.

Available now for pre-order!