smithsonian invisible jet

Never say museums don’t have a sense of humor. For this April 1st, which is of course April Fools Day, The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum put out their limited exhibit of Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. They not only put up advertisments about it but put out a press release, and published an article with a video that shows the jet being installed and cleaned.

The invisible jet is on loan from the Museum of Flight in Seattle which “acquired it” with help from Lt. Diana Prince who we all know is the secret identity of Wonder Woman.

“The trick for the National Air and Space Museum was to display the plane in its jet formation,” explains museum specialist Beth Wilson. “The plane has only been displayed publicly in the propeller configuration. The new design was made possible by the plane’s shape-shifting properties. Although The Museum of Flight staff was concerned about this formation change, they worked with our conservation staff so that the shift was safe and temporary. […] Other features on this jet include shape shifting, telepathic abilities, and multi-dimensional transport. Although the jet was invisible the passengers were not, and they often appeared to float on the clouds. It should be mentioned that even though Wonder Woman can fly under her own powers, the plane has come in handy when needed to transport Etta Candy and the Holliday Girls as well as Steve Trevor and others.”

The jet was only on loan for one day and will be shipped back to Seattle April 2. Check out he video below for a further description and see how they are caring for the jet.

By the way in case you’ve never been to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum do yourself a favor and GO! It is by far the coolest and biggest museum I’ve ever been to and the fact that there are two of them (one in Washington D.C. and one in Virginia) means that you have to give yourself at least a full day to check it out.