Imagine a post-apocalyptic world where people rode around in giant monster cars straight from a nightmare, had guitars that shot fire from the headstock and imagine there were characters so inane that they chase the hero around this world to the point where he is ready to lose his mind. Now imagine that most of the people and things happened to be made of candy.

Enter Ryan May of City of Pyramids; graphic artists who mash up such characters as the Avengers with Archer. Ice King as Immortan Joe, Marceline as Doof Warrior, Princess Bubblegum as Imperator Furiosa, Finn as Mad Max, Lemongrab as one of Joe’s War Boys and even Flame Princess, Berry Princess and Lumpy Space Princess as some of Immortan Joe’s breeders.

You can order 11×14 inch prints of these images for $25.00 each here.

adventure time madmax 01

adventure time madmax 02

adventure time madmax 03

adventure time madmax 04

adventure time madmax 05

adventure time madmax 06