fantastic four sad thing

Has FOX finally wised up and smelt what The Thing was cooking? With the utter dismal re-boot of ‘The Fantastic Four’ (2015), which only made a little over $100 million globally while it cost about $120 million to produce thereby making only about $20 million in profit which while it might seem like a lot to you and I, is utterly a failure. This is what had everyone scratching their heads when FOX announced that they were going to make a sequel due out June 9, 2017.

Will FOX keep the now removed FF2 from their release lineup permanent or will they do something stupid and actually make it. They need to do what Sony did with Spider-man and give them back to Marvel Studios so they can integrate them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). They would bring Marvel’s first family back to the top where they belong rather than turning them into a joke.

Just imagine seeing the FF fighting side by side with The Avengers or even The Defenders via Netflix. They could then integrate the Skrulls, The Silver Surfer, hell even bring Galactus into the picture just in time for the Infiinty War movies! How awesome would that be?