What if Darth Vader decided he not only wanted to rule the galaxy but to rock it as well? He’d have the best of the best to form a band with. Specifically he’d have Boba Fett on drums, a Shadow Trooper on guitar, a Storm Trooper on Bass, an Imperial Guardsman on another guitar, and of course being the Dark Lord of the Riffs he’d have to take lead Guitar.

The video stars:

Boba Fett, drums – Grant McFarland
Stormtrooper, bass – Carson Slovak
Darth Vader, lead guitar – Chris Kelly
Shadow Trooper, guitar – CJ Masciantonio
Imperial Guard, guitar – Josh Willis

Imperial Officer drum tech – Nash Doud
Imperial Officer guitar tech – Eric Forberger
Imperial Guard crew member – Drew Shumaker

and you can download it off of iTunes here.