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Ok, by now every fan boy and girl has probably seen ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ at least once or twice or maybe more (I’ve seen it twice with my son) so there aren’t too many spoilers but just in case you haven’t seen the movie…what are you waiting for? I mean its the biggest marketing campaign since well since the last Star Wars film but with Disney owning it, you know you are going to see it everywhere!

Ok so now with the spoiler warning well out of the way, who exactly is Rey? The obvious answer which everyone I have asked is overwhelming the same… its got to be Luke Skywalker’s daughter. Fine, if its Luke’s who is the mother? When Disney bought Lucas Film and Star Wars from George Lucas for the tune of like $4 Billion dollars, which by the way is the same amount that they paid for Marvel, they made sure that all the previous non film history was wiped out. That means all the EU (Extended Universe) content which covered everything from comic books to novels which included the twins that Leia and Han had never existed, and neither did Luke’s son Ben Skywalker (apparently Ben is Kylo Ren’s real name). So that also means that Mara Jade Skywalker never existed (Luke’s wife in the EU).

With that who possibly could Rey be? Well there have been rumblings on the Internet that she may be related to Obi Wan Kenobi (illegitimate granddaughter perhaps). Possibly. But think deeper into some of the things you saw during ‘The Force Awakens’. Rey found Luke’s (originally Anakin’s blue lightsaber) that was lost down the chasm of Cloud City during the fight between Luke and Vader in ‘Empire Strikes Back’ when Vader cut off Luke’s hand. The hand along with the lightsaber fell apparently who knows where.

But wait you say…. the lightsaber was found wasn’t it? How else was it in ‘The Force Awakens’? If that is true who is to say some mysterious party didn’t also find Luke’s disembodied hand? We all know that in the Star Wars universe cloning is not only possible but it can be done on a large scale. What if not only Rey is a clone or maybe injected with some of Luke’s actual DNA or midichlorians if you will , but so is Finn and maybe for all we know the First Order. But they were abducted as children and forced to join the new empire.

TR-8RWhat about the fight scene with that awesome First Order Storm Trooper with that power baton which was able to block the blows of a lightsaber. Remember when he saw Finn he screamed “TRAITOR!” How did he happen to know what Finn looked like without his helmet on? Are you going to seriously tell me every Storm Trooper knows every single Storm Trooper? What if TR-8R (as he is commonly referred to online) happens to either be a clone of the same person Finn is or maybe, just maybe they are force sensitive?

That would explain a few things. Namely how Finn, who had never seen none-the-less held a lightsaber before able to hold his own (not great mind you) but still wield it and kill a few Storm Troopers along the way? And how was he and Rey some how drawn towards each other? The Force? Maybe or maybe they were injected with midiclorians from the Skywalker clan? Perhaps the family Rey was waiting for on Jakku wasn’t really her family but Resistance members sympathetic to getting her away from The First Order and into the hands of the Resistance.

I highly doubt that Rey and Kylo Ren are brother and sister as some may have suspected. It would be odd that neither of them would feel some sort of connection and Han and Leia just don’t happen to recognize their long lost daughter? That would be too much of a repeat of Luke and Leia (lets hope Rey and Kylo don’t make out).

So who is Rey? Only time will reveal that answer and unfortunately that time isn’t until May 26, 2017 when ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ comes out in theaters.