sight of the sound dazzleer video feature

The most DAZZLING pop star of our times releases her debut music video! Directed by Arvin Bautista. The Dazzler was an 80’s pop mutant icon based in the X-Men universe who can generate illumination, create realistic holograms, emit pulses or strobes to blind or disorient others, and fire laser-like cutting beams or “solid photon” concussive force beams and also for those of you who don’t know her love interest happened to be Longshot who was a genetically engineered four fingered being from the Mojo-verse -a parallell dimension which was ruled by the tyrannically insane spineless-one MOJO.

You can see Longshot’s debut in the video in the construction scene when his eye lights up after seeing the Dazzler save his life.

While you’re at it check out Lila Cheney with The Dazzler & featuring The New Mutants performing ‘I will Steal Your Heart’. Its chock full of all the New Mutants and I loved seeing all the classic Marvel characters including Sam (Cannonball), Warlock, Doug (Cypher), Roberto (Sunspot), Amara (Magma), Rahne (Wolfsbane), Ilyanna (Magik), Danielle (Psyche/Moonstar), Xian (Karma) and even Guido shows up as the club bouncer. Later on the surviving (most of ’em are dead) members went on to form X-Force with some new members as well as Cable and Domino.

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