vintage works star wars speeder bike motorcycle feature

In the Star Wars universe, there are so many unique and iconic vehicles from the Millennium Falcon to Slave 1 to X-Wing Fighters. But none of them except for the Speeder Bike can be emulated with a vehicle like a motorcycle.

Speeder bikes are common sights throughout the galaxy, with manufacturers turning out both civilian and military models. One of the best-known speeder bikes is the Aratech 74-Z, which saw service during the Clone Wars and remained a mainstay of Imperial forces during the Galactic Civil War. All speeder bikes are capable of high-speed travel and require skill and fast reflexes.

This custom built Speeder Bike made famous in ‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi’ comes from motorcycle design shop Vintage Works in Suamico, WI. The custom bike is made up of over 800 pieces. Added bonuses on the bike include an Imperial cog that is on the front suspension, a replica Darth Vader mouthpiece on the rear wheel and TIE Fighters on the rear shock mounts.

Vintage Works