It’s Morphin Time! The Power Rangers are back in theaters for the first time in over twenty years and they’ve brought a new look with them. The latest version of the Rangers will feature an all-new cast with more futuristic uniforms and Zords, but will also include some familiar faces. Power Rangers is a reboot that will feature the original Rangers and other characters from the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series that debuted in the US in 1993.

In a world where reboots have been more prominent, it makes sense that Power Rangers would get the opportunity to reuse characters and elements from the original series. One of the facts people may not realize is that Power Rangers itself actually reuses footage from the Japanese tokusatu Super Sentai. For the most part, scenes featuring the English-speaking actors were spliced with fight scenes from its Sentai source. Each season of Power Rangers is paired with a different season of Super Sentai, which explains why there are so many different uniforms as they had to match with the source. Being that Power Rangers is in its 24th season (with a 25th confirmed), there have been quite a few different uniforms over the years. Check them all out in our infographic below!

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