Odin shows Brittni how to make a combat ready lightsaber.

Extended build from the Beyond Geek episode The Force is Strong from Season 2.

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Lightsaber Parts List
– 1 1/4 inch aluminum tube (ID – 1-inch)
– 1 3/8 inch aluminum tube (ID – 1 1/4 inch)
– 1-inch polycarbonate tube
– 1-inch acrylic hemisphere for blade tip (purchased from TAP Plastics)
– Soundboard (We used an Obsidian from ultrasabers.com, but there are other soundboards to choose from.)
– Battery/Speaker combo (from ultrasabers.com)
– 2 LEDs – 1 Color LED for whatever color you want the blade and 1 white LED for flash on clash (We used Cree LEDs from ledsupply.com)
– 2 Power conditioners for LEDs (one for each LED)
– Heatsink (for LED)
– Momentary Switch
– 1 3/8 inch In-Sink strainer and rubber grommet (Disposal Repair Kit for In-SinkErator) for the pommel
– Windshield wiper blades (decorative)
– Heatsink from a power supply to a video box (decorative)
– #218 O-Rings (decorative)
– Cellophane wrap for diffusion in blade
– Aluminum foil tape for reflection on blade tip
– Weld On 4 (solvent to attach blade tip to polycarbonate blade)

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