What an epic project this has been, 46ft long 23ft wide and 14ft high the full steel construction looks as menacing as it does in the film.

This was an eBay project so everything was sourced from their site to bring this monster together, and to complete the ship James Bruton has made a FULLY WORKING BB-9E so this is just a Star Wars feast and you can come SEE IT YOURSELF.

All components used to the construct both the Star Wars TIE fighter and BB-9E droid were bought from eBay. We both have full build videos coming up in our channels next week.

The Star Wars TIE silencer will be on public display at Burghley House, Stamford, from Thursday 30th November until Sunday 10th December. Please visit Burghley House’s Facebook page for more details.

James Bruton

Colin Furze