Bespin–the floating cloud city of freedom and beauty–is always a favorite amongst Star Wars Fans. After all, who hasn’t watched The Empire Strikes Back and wished they could live there? It turns out, most of the men surveyed in a new study from Simply Self Storage have!

They asked one thousand people which fake city city they would rather live in. Choices included Wonderland, Pawnee, Bikini Bottom, Narnia, Gotham City, and of course Cloud City. Narnia was the overall favorite of those surveyed at 17% of the total vote, while Cloud City came in with 13%.

However, when the results and demographics are broken down, Cloud City came out on top amongst males (18%) followed closely by Gotham City. With females it was significantly less popular, coming in dead last at 9%. The age group that voted Cloud City the highest was those aged 35-44.

Would you live in Cloud City? Why or why not?

Simply Self Storage