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Stranger Things | Netflix Kitchen: Demogorgon Pie

Eat the pie, or be eaten by the pie. Stranger

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Avoid The Eye-Hole Man And Make Your Own Donut Eyeholes!

Rosanna Pansino makes her Nerdy Nummies look so much like

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Today I made Alien Egg Cake Balls to celebrate the

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How to Make the DEATH SANDWICH from The Regular Show! Feast of Fiction S6 Ep5

Join us as we discover the art of DEATH KWON

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That’s no waffle maker…. that’s a Death Star Waffle maker!

It is a period of civil war. Rebel chefs, striking

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Transforming Birthday Cake – Optimus Prime

What do you get when you combine cake and the

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Get the Bat-Burger…cause I’M BATMAN!

The Bat-Burger as it should be called is so far

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Ultron attacking? Get a fork & knife and eat your Avengers pancakes!

Marvel at these pancakes. Which Avenger would you eat?

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Double-Glazed Apple Fritters from Regular Show [Feast of Fiction]

We’re on a SUGAR RUSH today as we fry up

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This cake will make it to your stomach in less than 12 parsecs!

This Millenium Falcon cake is made by cake makers at

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This is the cake you’re looking for!

This is the cake you are looking for. This life-sized,

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This is the Droid Measuring Cup you’re looking for!

Made up of four separate measuring spoons, and four separate

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Chef: The Movie [trailer]

Jon Favreau, actor, director, writer and now foodie. The internet

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The X-Men eat at Hardees?

In a promo for both Hardees restaurants and the upcoming

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Toasting with the Force… Darth Vader helmet head Toaster

Ok, now I’ve officially seen everything… I don’t need to

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Attach Laser Sights and Battle Gear to Your Tactical…Beer Mug?

via If you own a bunch of scopes, laser-sights,