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Meet Tomatan, a wearable robot that feeds you tomatoes as you run

A Japanese vegetable juice company has designed a new a

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Ben Affleck surprises fans in the Batmobile

Ben Affleck surprises tourists in the new Batmobile at the

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Jeep Renegade “Dawn of Justice” Special Edition -Into The Storm

When everyone runs, a hero has the bravery to move

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The 50 Most Famous Cars From The Last 50 Years

Check out this video featuring Scott Parker’s illustrations of 50

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Replace the Yule Log with Five Hours of Darth Vader’s burning corpse

Cuddle up with your loved ones and bask in the

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The Batmobiles Of Cinema

Today on Variant learn all about the Batmobiles of cinema


George Barris; designer of the Batmobile dead at 89

George Barris, the designer of the 1960’s version of the

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That’s no waffle maker…. that’s a Death Star Waffle maker!

It is a period of civil war. Rebel chefs, striking

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Mercedes-Benz goes Back to the Future

In keeping with the arrival of Marty McFly traveling to

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The Force is strong with these Dodge Chargers!

During a promotion for Hot Wheels and Uber (what a

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Transforming Birthday Cake – Optimus Prime

What do you get when you combine cake and the

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This is the bird you’re looking for -R2D2 Budgie

Meet Bluey the Budgie, an Austrailian Budgie parakeet that perfectly

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Get the Bat-Burger…cause I’M BATMAN!

The Bat-Burger as it should be called is so far


Finally a Barbie big boys can play with -The Swiss Army Barbie!

A multi-tool is hidden inside the torso of the Barbie,


Jurassic Park Jeep Conversion Project

Steve Huszar of the Replica Prop Forum is one of

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First images of New ECTO-1 from Ghostbuster reboot

SIGH Ok, I get it, even if I don’t like