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The Curse of Social Media

Facebook. Foursquare. Twitter. Instagram. Heck even Myspace, most of us

Gay Vader
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WTF happened with Darth Vader?

I remember thinking as a kid, “How damn cool is

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What I Want or Death of A Milkman

This afternoon, after making my weekly run to the bank,

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Strip Club Etiquette Rules to having a good time in good places.

A friend of mine was working on a really cool

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MTA – No Duh!

Who does the MTA think we are anyway?  (And this

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P90X – The P stands for you’re Pathetic!

Are you an out-of-shape guy or gal looking to get


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (the book)

Vampire Hunter Abe Barnes & Noble A novel by Seth

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A New World Order

Apartment 3k lives! Ok, I know that I’ve taken like


Christmas time….wooooo!

Ok folks who else hates Christmas and all the n/a

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Stupid people

Why is it that so many stupid people are the