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Why an Oklahoman restaurant has a monument to the dark god Azathoth Dear Oklahoma City: There is either an extremely dangerous


Weird Al & Breaking Bad mash up

via Weird Al & Breaking Bad go together like


10 Reasons why human beings are disgusting!

This just proves the point of why I hate human


Powered Jacket MK3 from Sagawa Electroinics Japan

I highly doubt this is real with a salesman named

Books, Trailers n' stuff, WTF

William Shakespeare’s STAR WARS?!??!?

From Quirk Books, what if Shakespeare wrote Star Wars 400

food stuff, WTF

Is Tea better than Coffee?


Steven Seagal- The new face of the Russian arms industry?

via The The actor Steven Seagal has become an unlikely business


Lost at birth? Hitler reincarnated as a teapot?

Hitler reincarnated? Is JC Penny a Nazi company? Highly dubius