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Eternal Debate: Star Wars vs. Star Trek [infographic]

Technological Superiority: Star Wars vs. Star Trek The Empire vs.

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The Many Mutations of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been through many iterations

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How to build your own Three Bladed Lightsaber [infographic]

How to build your own three bladed lightsaber like the

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How the Millennium Falcon fits into ‘Star Wars’ [Infographic]

From comes this infographic which shows the complete history

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Superhero movie infographic updated with less Spider-Man

Due to the recent bonding announcement of Sony and Marvel

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Learn about every X-Man…. EVER!

Ever wonder exactly how many mutants have walked the halls

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The Future is soooo damn bright… Superhero movies for YEARS!

That’s right boys and girls, start drooling…..NOW! The above is

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How much would it cost to build a Real-Life METROPLEX -THE TRANSFORMERS CITY?

Metroplex the living Autobot city is immense in size as

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Check out the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Trivia Infographic

Thirty years have passed since the release of the original