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Building a Working Miniature Apple II Replica

Game developer Chris Larkin found the perfect project for the

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Learn how I made a real life working Spider-Man web

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How to Take AMAZING Photos of Your Cosplay – Tutorial

Making an incredible costume is super fun and satisfying, but

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How Mary Poppins Actually Explains Yondu’s Arrow! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Yondu’s arrow is one of the most awesome things in

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Odin Makes: Plasmid Bottle from Bioshock

I make a Bioshock Plasmid Bottle from a glass vase,

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Alien Stasis Tank – DIY PROP SHOP

Watch out – this alien facehugger might bite! We build

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How Sith Lightsabers Were Made

Learn about the trials the Sith had to undergo to

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Odin Makes: Wonder Woman’s Shields

I have been asked to make a shield many times,

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Spider-Man DIY Suit Challenge – DIY COSPLAY SHOP

Inspired by Peter Parker’s homemade Spider-Man suit in the movie,

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Transformers: the Last Knight Trailer [Homemade Shot for Shot]

There’s more than meets the eye when household materials transform

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Captain Phasma | Behind The Scenes History

This is the second of an ongoing video series about

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Adam Savage Builds the LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V!

Join us for a special LEGO with Friends! Adam, Norm,

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Cutaway Millennium Falcon Model Miniature

One of our first stops at this year’s Comic-Con was

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The Stormtrooper Paradox

The Force Awakens does what no other movie in the

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Death METAL Troopers

A Star Wars parody featuring Death METAL Troopers. Darren Wallace

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Why Wonder Woman’s Sword Can Cut Through Anything! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Wonder Woman is known for her skills in combat, but

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Wonder Woman Movie & TV Evolution (Lynda Carter to Gal Gadot) with Justice League Trailer 2017

Wonder Woman movie is here! It’s about time the Amazonian