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The Vehicles of Star Wars [infographic]

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”

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Stan Lee on who would win: Superman or Batman

Comics legend Stan Lee, 92, creator of Spider-Man and the

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All the changes made to the original ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy

A New Hope part 1: A New Hope part 2:

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Minute Match-Ups [Episode 2] -Green Arrow Vs Hawkeye

Admit it, you’ve always wondered who would win in a

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Make An Iron Man Arc Reactor – DIY Prop Shop

We build so many amazing weapons and props, we wanted

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Minions cause trouble in Ireland

A giant inflatable Minion went amok in Ireland when it

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Best Sidekicks- The StarWars top 10

In this installment of the 10, we’re picking the

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Will the Arrow ever grow some facial hair?

With Season 4 of The CW’s ‘Arrow’ looming in the

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Behind the scenes at Hot Toys

In this insightful interview, go behind the scenes at Hot

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Mapping Marvel Businesses [Infographics]

Marvel has done an incredible job creating a vast, realistic

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Own a solid gold $160,000 Gundam statue

How much would you pay for a cool statue of

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How to pilot your Kuratas Giant Robot

When the challenge was laid down recently by the U.S.

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Sideshow Collectibles Behind the Scenes: Sculpting and Painting

In the second part of our visit to Sideshow Collectibles,

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See what’s inside Adam Savage’s Home Office

Adam invites us inside his home to share the collection

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How Does BATMAN’S Cape Glide? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Batman: Arkham Knight has shown us the joy gliding over

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Prop: Shop – Tested’s District 9 Rifle Build [4 parts]

Over the past month, Punished Props’ Bill Doran built a