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The next big Marvel crossover

The next big crossover event in the Marvel Universe isn’t

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Stan Lee says Marvel is developing Black Panther movie

Stan Lee is an important figure in Marvel comics history. While


Do you have Shelf Porn?

Do you have shelf porn? Do you even know what

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Super Power Beatdown presents…Batman vs Deadpool!

Ok the Dark Knight vs the Merc with a Mouth!

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What does World War Z the book have to do with the movie…apparently nothing!


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New Comics- Wednesday June 26, 2013

MARVEL Age of Ultron #10 AU Age of Ultron #10 AU rivera

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Man of Steel Conceptual Art

via While some viewers argue the Superman depicted in Man of Steel behaves

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Life size Lego Terminator

Via It may not have used over 5 million

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Wizard World Comic Con June 28-30th

[accordion] [pane title=”where”]Basketball City (Pier 36) 299 South St #36

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New Comics Wednesday June 19, 2013

MARVEL A Plus X #9 Age of Ultron #10 Age

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Marvel and ‘Star Wars’ help Disney to tighten grip on licensing

As Licensing Expo 2013 gets underway today in Las Vegas, Variety reports that with

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Spider-man: Family Business

Like many Marvel characters, Spider-Man’s relationship with his parents is

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Green Lantern -Lights Out

Geoff Johns is gone.  The man behind perhaps the best

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New Comics Wednesday June 12, 2013

MARVEL Alpha Big Time #5 Astonishing X-Men #63 Avengers Assemble

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Marvel Heroes -Free to Play MMORPG

A free to play game introduces fans to its characters

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Happy Geek Pride Day!

No you didn’t read wrong. May 25th is officially Geek