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This Star Wars Star Destroyer PC will conquer your PC!

It was bound to happen. With the release of Star

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Are you worthy to use THOR’S PC?

From the Taiwan tech show Computex in Taipei comes this

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R2-D2 Holographic Keyboard… The future is NOW!

Wish I knew more about this R2-D2 holographic keyboard but

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Amazon to buy ComiXology

Today announced their plans to buy ComiXology the biggest

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Happy B-Day Internet!

On a side note…thank you Internet, thank you for all

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Horrible Passwords and what to do to avoid them

via Google surveyed 2000 web users to find the

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The top 10 new reasons to be afraid of hackers

via Thousands of computer hackers are heading to Las

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Mac Pro 2013

via The new desktop-ready workhorse computer made its debut

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Top 10 home Wi-Fi network errors (and how to fix them)

via The chances are pretty good that you have

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Douglas Engelbart inventor of the computer mouse dies

The man who invented the computer mouse has died aged

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How to use Facebook hashtags safely and effectively

Via PC World Facebook users: Get ready to see a

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RIP Demonoid -a computer nerd’s worst nightmare come true

I don’t plan on shutting down, but if Im going