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Everything You Need to Know About Robotech

via Robotech consumed our childhoods. In a lot of

Geek Stuff

Ultron 101: Get to Know Your Next ‘Avengers’ Villain Now that we know who will play Joss Whedon’s


See how NIN brought its massive live production from conception to reality

via When the “reinvented” Nine Inch Nails hit the

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‘Star Drunk’ the Sci-fi film written and acted by drunk people

via Star Drunk is the sequel to the viral

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UPDATE: James Spader IS Ultron!

via Editor’s Note: Earlier we reported that Paul Bettany

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via This is the fourth or fifth time we’ve

Movie Rumors

Rumor: Which Iron Man actor may be the voice of Ultron?

via Even though this is a rumor at this

Movie Rumors

Major Star Wars: Episode VII casting news coming soon as two actors reportedly audition for roles

via The only casting news that could possibly compete

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Jack Kirby would’ve been 96 today (here’s how to celebrate)

via Jack Kirby, the legendary artist who, with Joe

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Introducing Crew Hierarchies

via The first of many Rockstar Games Social Club

Video Games

Nintendo Announces 2DS -An Entry-level handheld plays all DS and 3DS games and features slate design, but no 3D

via Nintendo announced the 2DS today, a new entry-level

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Chinese Army claims Pacific Rim is American propaganda

via You might have thought Pacific Rim was just

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Samsung confirms ‘Galaxy Gear’ smartwatch coming September 4th

via A Samsung executive has confirmed speculation that it

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AAARRRGGHHH….Dean Norris is at it again!

Well Dean Norris (Hank- Breaking Bad) is at it again,

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Thor: The Dark World Covers Are Here

via We already unveiled exclusive new stills from Thor:

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‘Avengers’ Animatics give us a first look at what ‘The Wasp’ would’ve looked like had she been in the movie

via Every major film goes through an extensive development