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What Do Xenomorphs EAT? (EXPLAINED)

Ah yes the mysterious question: do Xenomorphs eat? And by

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Alien Stasis Tank – DIY PROP SHOP

Watch out – this alien facehugger might bite! We build

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Behind the Scenes: The Sounds On Set of Alien: Covenant!

Adam Savage steps into the Sound Recordist Ben Osmo’s audio

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Today I made Alien Egg Cake Balls to celebrate the

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Ok so this is a part 2 to my first

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Alien Xenomorph Biology Explained! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

The Alien franchise has shown us many forms of aliens

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Odin Makes: Facehugger from Aliens

I make a Facehugger from the Alien movies, freehand, no

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TOP 10 Xenomorph SPECIES

With the arrival of Alien Covenant, it seems fitting to

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Honest Trailers – Aliens

Before you see Alien: Covenant, return to the grimey, sweaty,

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Aliens: A Brief History and Timeline

Alien to Covenant : A Brief History Of The Alien

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The Narrow World [sci fi short]

THE NARROW WORLD is the story of a gigantic alien

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Making an Aliens Power Loader Suit for Ripley the Puppy!

While at this year’s DesignerCon, Frank Ippolito and Bill Doran

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The New Aliens of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Let’s talk about the new aliens that will be featured

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Aliens Power Loader Scene – Homemade Shot for Shot

The iconic scene gets an epic homemade makeover in the

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LIFE – Official Trailer

This Memorial Day, be careful what you search for. Life


Alien Species Height Chart: Extra-Tall-Restrials & Little Green Men [infographics]

Ever wonder how your favorite alien species from pop culture

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Arrival Official Trailer 2

Taking place after alien crafts land around the world, an