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“THE WAKE” -CGI 3D Animated Short

TheCGBros Presents – “THE WAKE” short film that follows the

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STAR WARS LEGACY [short fan film]

This short Star Wars fan film was made by Tim


Virus In Paradise Teaser -[Animated Teaser]

Check out this intriguing CGI 3D Animated Teaser trailer –

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CGI & VFX Breakdowns: “Ghost in the Shell”

Check out another insightful VFX Breakdown created by the talented


Multiverse Spaceship [Lego Rick and Morty-fan made]

From Redditors Austron and Mnartgirl come this cgi Lego ‘Rick

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The Endless [short film]

At the top of a tower higher than the clouds,

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Less Than Human -CGI Animated Short Film

In the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, zombies are cured


Divisor Animated Short Film

Divisor” shows the unexpected consequence as a result of mind

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Creating Scarlett Johansson’s Computer-Generated Body Suit | Ghost in the Shell | Design FX | WIRED

Mike Seymour breaks down the visual effects from the film

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The Flash | Behind the Visual Effects

Based on characters from DC’s The Flash. After the S.T.A.R.


CGI & VFX Breakdowns: “The Walking Dead Season 6 and 7”

Check the amazing VFX work created by the talented team


How They Animated ‘The Lego Batman Movie’

‘The Lego Batman Movie’ uses an impressive style of animation

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See How They Re-Created The Shell Sequence In ‘Ghost In The Shell’

This behind the scenes featrette from director Rupert Sanders focuses

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Behind the Magic: Creating Jedha and Scarif for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

A taste of the Oscar Nominated Visual Effects work behind

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Behind the Magic: Creating the space battle for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

A taste of the Oscar Nominated Visual Effects and virtual

Short Videos

Cable: Chronicles of Hope (X-Men Fan Film)

Check out this awesome fan-made film based on a badass