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Turtle Power Kick Starts Indie Comics | Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics

Learn how Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird’s ’Teenage Mutant Ninja

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Justice League vs. The Avengers

They’re undoubtedly the most famous and celebrated superhero teams of

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Justice League – Aquaman Comic Book Origins

While the underwater residents of Atlantis haven’t always seen eye-to-eye

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The 5 Greatest Hulk & Thor Fights

They are two of the strongest beings in the Marvel

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How To Draw Realistic Boobies!

Comic artist Meghan Hetrick made this helpful guide for anyone

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Secret Empire: Hydra Nation Trailer

It’s Heroes vs Hydra! Presenting the SECRET EMPIRE: HYDRA NATION

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Every Iron Man Suit EVER In The Comics

Celebrate this year’s Stark Week with our new “All Versions

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Marvel Top 10 Costumes

Check out who has the Top Ten Costumes in the


Behind the Colors: A Closer Look at Comic Book Color Palettes [infographics]

Comic Book characters are traditionally colorful but those who pay

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Marvel’s Civil War Animated in 4 Minutes

What you see above is what really happened in the


The Real Superhero Power of Technology [Infographic]

Comic superheroes have been an inspiration to the world. They


Top 10 Comic Book Vehicles of All Time (Infographic)

This post is definitely going to get some of our


Marvel characters who deserve their own movie [Infographic]

We’ve all seen awesome heroes like the Avengers kick some

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Best Worst Superhero Costumes! (Omnibus)

Flares! Fabio chests! Ample cleavage! Amy and Hector set out

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Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet Explained in 3 Minutes

Catch up on the wonderfully bizarre Marvel Universe in 3

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The Evolution of the Flash [Infographic]

Season three of the C.W.’s hit show Arrow introduced many