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Jamie Hyneman’s Electric Shoes

Help Jamie create the 7th generation of his prototype electric


MythBusters Series Finale Video

We’re longtime friends and fans of the MythBusters, and in

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What is the Glass Age?

Be amazed as Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman introduce us

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Mythbusters: The Myth Strikes Back

The Myths Strike Back when Adam and Jamie once again

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MYTHBUSTERS Season 10 summer sneak peak

See what’s in store this summer on an all-new season


Mythbusters takes on Videogames!

[pullquote]You guys have been asking for this for YEARS. See


Mythbusters take on ‘Indiana Jones’

Spending two weeks dressed as Indy was AWESOME for Adam.


Preview the new season of MYTHBUSTERS

Coming this Saturday is the season premier of Discovery Channel’s


Kelly Rippa slams Adam Savage with a sledge hammer!

Check out this clip from Live! With Kelly and Michael