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Perfect Stranger Things – Stranger Things / Perfect Strangers Mashup

The new season of ‘Stranger Things’ came out, and it’s

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StarFellas -Star Wars & Goodfellas Mashup

A Trailer for the most brilliant film ever made. STARFELLAS.

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Captain America – The First Avenger (RETRO) Trailer

Big comic book and movie fan over here, as you

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MARIO KART 8 – FAST and FURIOUS Edition Trailer

MARIO KART 8 – Fast and Furious Edition Trailer A


DROIDS – Friends X Star Wars Mashup

Besides living in a galaxy far, far away, K-2SO, C-3PO,


The Wiivengers – An Avengers / Nintendo-Verse Mashup (Parody)

Nintendo’s mightiest heroes must assemble to defeat the galaxy’s puniest


The Triforce Awakens! Part 1 (A Nintendo / Star Wars Mashup)

NOTE: Hey, nerds! This is a work of loving PARODY,

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TRAILER MASH-UP: Mass Effect & Suicide Squad

On one side, we’ve got the immensely-entertaining trailer for Warner

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What If Deadpool Was in The Walking Dead? (Mashup Trailer)

Michonne might have met her match… but the walkers are



What a lovely day indeed! This animated Adventure Time and