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Six Insane GAME OF THRONES Theories

Game of Thrones is rife with theories and speculation, so

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Which Avenger Is A Skrull?

Rumour has it that after Avengers Infinity War we’ll be


IRON FIST – All Easter Eggs, References & Defenders Connections

Iron Fist is chock a block with Easter Eggs, References,

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Six Ways To Kill WOLVERINE

Logan’s on it’s way, so in anticipation of that, here’s

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Rogue One: A Star Wars is pretty divisive in terms

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ROGUE ONE Deleted Scenes, Rejected Concepts & Darth Vader’s Castle

Judging from the trailers Rogue One A Star Wars Story

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ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY All Easter Eggs & References

Easter Eggs! References! As many as you can possible imagine

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What If The Death Star Wasn’t Destroyed? – STAR WARS CARAVAN OF GARBAGE

Welcome to a very special Star Wars themed season of

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Captain Kirk STAR TREK Movie Kill Count Supercut

The Captain Kirk Star Trek Kill Count is in just

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WOLVERINE Movie Kill Count Supercut

The Wolverine Movie Kill Count is in! Courtesy of Ben

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IRON MAN Movie Kill Count Supercut (Plus Robots)

Tony Stark is no stranger to killing people, though it

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HAN SOLO Movie Kill Count Supercut

The Han Solo Movie Kill Count is what this is!

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Watch DEADPOOL Deleted Scenes, Missing Characters & Jokes Removed

The amount of people who have given Deadpool a watch