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The Physics Behind The Last Jedi’s Coolest Scene! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Star Wars has changed pop culture and The Last Jedi

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How Much Power Does Magneto Need to Rip Iron from Blood? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Magneto proves he’s one of the most powerful mutants in

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How Deadly Is the Joker’s Magic Pencil Trick? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Heath Ledger’s Joker is iconic for many reasons, but one

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Why Do Stormtroopers Even Wear Armor? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Stormtroopers are not only known for being terrible shots, but

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Why Death by Lightsaber Would Be Much Worse in Real Life! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Star Wars has told us that the lightsaber is an

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Forceloose! – Star Wars Footloose Parody (Nerdist Presents)

Kylo Ren channels 1984 era Kevin Bacon and teaches you

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How Would You Build a Real X-Wing? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Star Wars has had a huge influence on pop culture

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Why Stormtroopers Always Miss! (Nerdist News Edition)

Stormtroopers may be the deadly force of the Empire, but

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How They Should Be Killing Zombies on The Walking Dead! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

The Walking Dead’s usual weapon of choice is a blade,

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The Secret of Wonder Woman’s Bullet Blocking! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Wonder Woman is known for many things, but one of

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Why You Would Not Want Superman To Reverse Time! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Superman has many powers, but one of his most iconic

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How Thor Summons His Hammer Explained! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, is a product of Asgard where magic

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Why Shattering Thor’s Hammer Would Destroy the Earth! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Thor Ragnarok shows us the destruction of Thor’s iconic hammer

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Is Stranger Things’ Eleven More Powerful Than a Jedi? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Star Wars may have Jedi masters of the Force, but

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Why Does Captain America’s Shield Bounce? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Captain America’s iconic vibranium shield can deflect anything, but should

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How Do Star Trek’s Deflector Shields Work? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

Star Trek gave us the now sci-fi space standard of