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In this episode, Jake turns the god of thunder’s hammer

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Odin Makes: T-Virus from Resident Evil

This video is a quick build, and I make the

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How to Make Robocop’s Auto 9 Prop – Tutorial

What could be more iconic than Robocop’s legendary sidearm! Follow

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Adam Savage Explores Star Trek Costumes and Props!

Star Trek has had a long history of iconic costumes,

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Adam Savage Explores the Props of Blade Runner 2049!

Before Adam Savage watched Blade Runner 2049, he stepped behind

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The Last Jedi’s Props and Costumes Up Close

A spoiler-free look at some of the newest Star Wars

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Adam Savage Examines the Blade Runner 2049 Blasters!

Adam Savage visited the set of Blade Runner 2049 during

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Top 10 Movie Props of All Time

With all the attention actors, directors and cinematography get sometimes


See Star Trek: Discovery Props Go From Sketch To Build

In this behind-the-scenes video, Star Trek: Discovery Props Master Mario

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Odin Makes: Plasmid Bottle from Bioshock

I make a Bioshock Plasmid Bottle from a glass vase,

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How To – Make ANY PROP or COSTUME! 500+ Free Tutorials

With over 500 free prop and costume tutorial videos, we

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Odin Makes: Han Solo’s Blaster from Star Wars

I make Han Solo’s Blaster from Star Wars, from foam

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Tested Mailbag: Terminator Props and Costume!

We get a surprise package from our friends at Prop

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Men In Black Neuralyzer – DIY PROP SHOP

We hope you like our take on the Neuralyzer from

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DIY Lightsaber Prop!

Learn to make your own DIY lightsaber prop! CinemaByte

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Adam Savage Tours Peter Jackson’s Movie Prop Collection!

Earlier this year, Adam Savage visited Peter Jackson in his