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Robot & Scarecrow [short film]

Set amidst the euphoric madness of a summer music festival,

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Nano [Short Sci-Fi Film]

A Sci-Fi proof-of-concept short film, directed by Mike Manning. In


Divisor Animated Short Film

Divisor” shows the unexpected consequence as a result of mind

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EPISODE 1 Releases end of May 2017 Force Storm Ent.

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The Narrow World [sci fi short]

THE NARROW WORLD is the story of a gigantic alien

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“INTREPID” [sci fi short teaser]

Check out this impressive Sci-Fi teaser…What if you could beat

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Tears In The Rain (A Blade Runner Short Film)

“Tears In The Rain: A Blade Runner Short Film”, a

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Sci-Fi Short Film: “Helio”

One worker fights to break free of his dystopian underworld

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Fan-O-Rama: A Futurama Fan Film

“Fan-O-Rama: A Futurama Fan Film” is an UNOFFICIAL live action

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The Batman Chronicles Parts 1-3

A three part short film following a young Bruce Wayne

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Star Wars – Versus: The Way to Shadow

Darius is a Jedi on the run, maybe even the

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“Angelfire”- A Sci-Fi Short Film

Earth 2120: A human Utopia, where all the governments of

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Batman: The Shattered Cowl – Short Fan Film

Batman -The Shattered Cowl is a non profit fan film

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Night Shift (A Watch Dogs 2 Short Film)

In this world, you never know who could be watching.

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Iron Man: Gamma Protocol [animated fan film]

Tony Stark uses his Hulkbuster suit and goes toe to

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Lost Boy: A Sci-Fi Concept Short Film

Check out this awesome Sci-Fi Short Film…Year unknown. Population Zero.

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Predator: Dark Ages [fan film]

PREDATOR: Dark Ages is a short fan film. Winner ‘best