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Build Your Own Star Trek Phaser! – DIY Prop Shop

We build so many amazing weapons and props, we wanted


Competition to Make Real-Life Star Trek Tricorders

The technology imagined by science fiction has driven lots of

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Star Trek Beyond -[Trailer]

From director Justin Lin comes STAR TREK BEYOND starring Idris

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Millennium Falcon or Starship Enterprise? Neil deGrasse Tyson

There is no question as to which space vehicle Neil


New STAR TREK show in the works

CBS is bringing Star Trek back to TV, well sort

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Star Trek USS Enterprise Model from QmX

Star Trek’s Federation flagship never looked this good back in

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Millennium Falcon vs USS Enterprise: Who’d win the battle?

It’s the ultimate debate–which great science fiction ship would triumph?

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Eternal Debate: Star Wars vs. Star Trek [infographic]

Technological Superiority: Star Wars vs. Star Trek The Empire vs.

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These Star Wars & Star Trek coffee tables are out of this world

Master furniture maker Barry Shields designed these Star Wars &

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Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine sign up for two more ‘Star Trek’ movies

Production on the third rebooted ‘Star Trek’ film entitled ‘Star

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Warp out with your own your own Enterprise ‘A’ ship

LET’S SEE WHAT SHE’S GOT Some of you may have

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Star Trek Enterprise Home Office – SUPER FAN BUILDS

Every other Monday, some of Hollywood’s top prop makers build

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Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Star Trek Captain’s Chair

We’re in for a treat today–Adam shares the story of


What do you get when you merge Star Trek & Star Wars? THE CARBONITE MANEUVER

Prepare yourself and your family, as two of the most


Galaxy Quest is heading to a TV near you!

Galaxy Quest, the movie that payed homage to the classic

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Star Trek and Green Lantern will crossover this July in ‘The Spectrum War’

In the blackness of space it was bound to happen.