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What Darth Vader Said Was The WORST Part of His Suit – Star Wars Explained

Darth Vader’s suit was a terror not only to those

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Why Darth Vader Constantly Made Changes To His Suit – Star Wars Explained

Darth Vader constantly was changing and making minor to extreme

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Why First Order Stomtroopers Were Forced to Execute Other Troopers – Star Wars Explained

Why would the first order want their stormtroopers to kill

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What The Stormtroopers Thought of Darth Vader

We know how the imperial officers viewed Darth Vader as

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Why Sith Are Forbidden To Have Blue or Green Lightsabers

The Sith always use red lightsabers and it is forbidden

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How Darth Vader Eats – Star Wars Explained

How does Darth Vader eat? In this video we answer

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What Made Darth Vader So Loyal to the Emperor – Star Wars Explained

We explain why Darth Vader was so loyal to his

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What If Order 66 Never Happened – Star Wars Explained

In this video we discuss how the Star Wars universe

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Clone Trooper vs. First Order Stormtrooper

We analyze the clone troopers and first order stormtroopers and