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Amazing Creatures Have Been Discovered across the Planet!

“Across the planet, amazing creatures have been discovered…” Have you

Video Games

Crypt of the NecroDancer: Nintendo Switch Edition – Launch Trailer

Crypt of the NecroDancer, the award winning hardcore rhythm-based dungeon

Geek Stuff

Shovel Blade – Shovel Knight – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman build

Video Games

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory – Launch Trailer

It’s time for you to become the hero and save

Video Games

Top 10 Pokemon MEGA Evolutions!

Darwin never saw THESE suckers coming. But then again he

Video Games

First Look at Nintendo Labo

Get ready to Make, Play and Discover with Nintendo Labo!

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FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL EDITION brings the acclaimed RPG to

Video Games

STREET FIGHTER V (Honest Game Trailers)

From the studio that turned a Slurpee-centric arcade machine into

Video Games

Who Is The BEST Pokemon Of Each Type?

With there now being 18 Pokemon types in total, there

Video Games

Solve Mysteries with Detective Pikachu!

Get ready to tackle cases in Detective Pikachu, coming to

Video Games

Luigi’s Balloon World Gameplay Trailer

Take a first look at Odyssey’s new online competitive mini-game

Animation, Video Games

What It’s Like To Be Possessed By Cappy

Mario seems pretty casual about literally taking over the minds

Short Videos

Mario’s Lost Kart [short video]

The Mario Kart Legend himself has lost his kart! Hopefully

Video Games

XBOX ONE (Honest Game Trailers)

From the company that gave you the red ring of

Video Games

January 2018 Free PS4 Games Lineup – PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus membership includes free games and online multiplayer on

Video Games

The Pokémon Timeline (Updated to Ultra Sun & Moon)

So, with the newest games Ultra Sun and Moon being